USA company that collects information from influencers processes it and generates data for marketing agencies.

JAVA Backend Enginner with solid experience and who would specialize into ElasticSearch and become one of our experts. That does not mean this person would only work on ElasticSearch but it is expected that they would have a strong interest in becoming such an expert and would eventually be responsible for ElasticSearch.

You have expertise in the following:

● Clear and articulated communication both verbally and in writing

● Designing and scaling back-end systems, including distributed data stores

● Expertise and strong interest in ElasticSearch and Lucene

● Deep understanding of Core JAVA, including the ability to troubleshoot and performance

tune JVM based apps

● Experience or strong interest in functional & reactive programming in Kotlin

● NoSQL DB engines (MongoDB plus)

● SQL DB engines like PostgreSQL and database mapping libraries like jOOQ

● Event-driven systems using technologies like Apache Kafka and AWS lambdas

● AWS or similar IaaS cloud services

● Developing and deploying on containers (Docker, Kubernetes)

● Optimizing applications, both stand-alone and in distributed systems to maximize


Experience or deep curiosity for the following would be a plus:


● GraphQL

● Workflow engines (Apache Argo, Airflow)

● Terraform and Ansible

English: High