This client provides the leading unified, intelligent messaging platform for globally-admired brands, including in hospitality and professional sports.

This new role will serve as the most senior technical leader in the company - responsibilities for this role encompass tactical (“hands on” coding) to managerial and strategic (technical leadership across all the components of engineering ranging from delivering a world-class product to internal IT practices and security practices). This includes setting the right strategy for the technical execution of the organization’s products and managing the technology budget, hirings, development process, communications, quality assurance, scale, and system optimization.

The ideal candidate will have 7-10 years of progressive engineering experience, including architecting systems from scratch and over existing software. Candidate has a desire to grow, and has entrepreneurial ambitions to optimize existing projects, AND start new projects. This client sets a high standard of engineering practices that includes the right process, right communication, right documentation, and exceptional code quality. Join a team of exceptional talent and caring culture, and belong to a unified cause of leveraging emerging technologies to develop more personal and meaningful relationships.

Technology Strategy

Design and oversee the implementation of of technical architecture (web, cloud, distributed) for scale
Ensure the highest standards to the quality of code written in nodeJS, Python, ReactJS, JAVA and Flutter and reviewing such before every production deployment of the system
Oversee and optimize the messaging queuing systems with a data persistence layer as PostgreSQL and a caching layer as Redis
Set Glowing, Inc’s technical vision, develop strategic plans and set timelines for evaluation, development, and deployment of all technical, web, and mobile services
Monitor performance profiling tools and procedures, while maintaining network and software security
Take ownership of AWS, DatadogHQ, and other vendors’ admin consoles and manage identities securing company infrastructures.
Stay current of new industry trends, technologies, and software development
Design, track and report on KPIs

Team management and leadership

Recruit and hire exceptional engineering talent globally, building on our model of high quality development can be and work from anywhere
Manage and lead a globally-distributed engineering team, both internal and outsourced
Be a servant leader that helps develop talent through support and feedback, as well as be the engineering role model for excellence
Understand, embody and ensure our cultural values

Project management

Leading the product development for the organization by strategizing roadmaps with all participants of business and delivering,
Identifying client’s needs and translating them into product requirements
Establishing software development processes and setting objectives for those processes
Reviewing timeframes, budgets, and team performance
Ensuring that technological processes, and service comply with all relevant laws, regulations, and requirement.

Software Stability
Review workflows and architecture to find potential software risks and plans to fix them
Developing and implementing disaster and emergency recovery plans
Work on fixing memory leaks and performance optimizations
Plan diligently to ensure no technical debts are created in the system
Identify and plan to fix any technical debts in the current implementation
Oversee incident management is running smoothly

Key Requirements

7-10 years of progressive programming experience
Experience delivering in startup and/or fast growth environments
Experience working fullstack, including on React, NodeJS and Ruby on
Rails or ability to learn a new language or the framework exceptionally quickly (Top 5% of peers)
Successfully architected systems, and dividing tasks from architecture to real executable deliverables with estimates
Experience with AWS and optimizing costs
Experience building and using existing cloud data platforms
Expertise in at least one queueing infrastructure, such as RabbitMQ, Kafka
Understand Pull Request process, follow feature branches and maintain a high-quality code
Prior experience of setting monitoring, alerting and devops automation
Prior experience growing, leading and managing a team of globally-distributed Product, QA and Engineers

About the client

The client is a growing, revenue-generating YCombinator-funded SaaS startup providing the leading intelligent unified guest messaging platform for globally admired brands, including in hospitality and professional sports.


Mentoring from a seasoned tech executive (20+ years)
Monthly learning stipend
honeymoon benefit
All-expense paid summer team trips to highly desired locations (above locations include Bali, Thailand, Dubai, Hong Kong)
Unlimited and responsible free time
Hybrid organization first, founded on hybrid (90% remote, 10% in person), where top performers find their purpose and where everyone feels and is valued
Generous salary, generous equity plan


As a hybrid-first, hybrid-founded (90% remote, 10% in-person) organization, we are a growing, revenue-generating, YCombinator-funded SaaS startup where the best results find their purpose and where everyone feels and is valued.

Vacancy available for residents of Latam and USA