Only available to applicants residing in Argentina
Our client envisions a world where the experience of selling or buying a home is simple and enjoyable for everyone. They offer a comprehensive cloud-based platform that enables residential real estate agents to deliver exceptional service to their seller and buyer clients. Founded in 2012 as one of the fastest-growing technology companies in a nearly $4 trillion industry, they have built a world-class engineering team that operates the only comprehensive platform in the real estate industry. Our client is convinced it can do much more and needs your expertise in building modern cloud services to evolve and create products that improve every step of the real estate agent experience, from first contact with a client to closing the deal.

Our team is responsible for evaluating, accelerating, building, and maintaining a unified, scalable, and cost-effective analytics infrastructure, including the data lake, a data warehouse, and tooling for data job scheduling and orchestration.

Context on the role

The core goal of the Data Operations team is to ensure that internal customers and agents have the highest quality data available to make decisions and run their businesses. Given that our customers’ tolerance for data inaccuracies is extremely low (e.g., 99% accuracy is not good enough), any data quality issues within our systems must be proactively identified and fixed (both the data itself and the root cause of the DQ issues).

Empower agents and staff by proactively identifying and resolving data quality issues to provide accurate, complete, and timely access to their pertinent financial information.
Responsibilities and Activities of the Data Operations team

Measure and detect issues
Create instrumentation and dashboards necessary to monitor and alert data quality issues.
Perform both regular and ad-hoc analyses necessary to identify issues
Help design/implement strategies that combine automation where possible and humans-in-the-loop where it’s not
Own the outcome of 99%+ data quality
Coordinate across Product, Ops, Finance/Accounting, and Data Analytics org to drive changes to product features, reporting, and operational procedures necessary to improve data quality.
Coordinate with operations to ensure the right process is in place when new policies are introduced but not fully supported by the product functionality.
As necessary, reach out to customers, SMs, etc., to resolve open issues / gather the required information.
Coordinate with Engineering to ensure backend processes and error handling meet data quality standards.
Help institute team processes to review and action identified issues.

Expectations for the DA role

Understand and support commission payment, agent master, and contract data
Analyze data using SQL against data in structured stores. Create and maintain scripts to deliver updates and improvements to analyses, whether ad hoc or managed regularly.
Drive the development of metrics, reports/dashboards to monitor data quality issues within agent master, contract, and commission payment data.
Own comprehensive review/validation of metrics, reports/dashboards to ensure what has been built accurately delivers all original requirements. This role needs to be meticulous and extremely thorough to ensure we deliver the highest data quality to our Agents and internal stakeholders.
Summarize, aggregate, and share data in easy-to-consume formats for internal or external audiences, to aid data quality improvements, problem-solving, product and process improvements, and measurement of data quality goals.
Expertise in the oral and visual communication of data. Persuasive messaging to communicate complex technical information and business insights to technical and non-technical users.
Help on scaling data quality improvements through the implementation of process changes (in partnership with the Ops team and Engineering) and technology changes.

Core Skills

Data wrangling
Data transformation
Data aggregation
Data troubleshooting
Data quality assurance
Ability to prioritize urgent escalations based on impact
Ability to be calm under pressure
Ability to communicate investigation/resolution status to internal and external stakeholders

What to look for

Someone with strong problem-solving and organizational skills.

People who can prioritize in a fast-paced environment, have a track record of success in improving data quality and may have a software engineering, solution engineering, and/or technical product/project management background.

Salesforce, Tableau, Databricks, and/or NetSuite experience is a plus.

Real estate data experience is a plus but not required.

We ARE looking for someone who will build a script and/or report, diligently review the logic implemented to ensure accuracy against the expected outcome, and validate the data in the report to provide what is shown in the dashboard is correctly captured based on the source system(s) data, then leverage the information in the dashboard to identify any potential commonalities/trends, find the root cause, and construct systemic solutions to resolve identified data quality issues.

What is the interview process like?

1) Screening Interview with the IT Scout team.
2) 3 client interviews

The vacancy is a contractor in USD, which includes work tools (notebook shipment), holidays in Argentina, and two weeks of vacation.