We’re a distributed team that builds digital products for US startups. We love being there when ideas come to life, and when our team of engineers get started it isn’t long till we get to see much more than an idea. We believe it is not just talent that does the job, but also the know-how of an organization that understands the right way to do things and learns from its mistakes.

We’re now looking for someone who will be focused on making our development team even better, and we’re sure that the right person can be the Technical Lead we need. Sounds interesting? Let us tell you a bit more about this position!

You might want to know more about how your day-to-day would look like:

  • You will be joining forces with our designers, developers and testers in different projects. We sometimes build full teams on our side and function as our client’s development team, other times we do outsourcing.
  • You will be participating in technical discussions to help define the quality standards of our development process from start to finish.
  • You’ll be the one to help when a developer has blockers, pushing that conversation to reach the right solution.
  • As IT Crowd takes on new projects, you will help in making the calls regarding architecture and infrastructure.
  • You will participate in regular meetings to share your point of view about the different projects, and will help in defining the actions necessary to build quality deliverables for our clients.

The right person for this role will be someone who:

  • Has a solid experience as a senior software developer, preferably having worked for different industries throughout their career.
  • Had the chance to take on a leadership role in the past as a lead developer or technical leader.
  • Is passionate about software and loves being up to date with the newest technologies and tools.
  • Is knowledgeable about different programming languages and frameworks. We’re looking for someone that knows about backend and frontend development, and also has a solid grasp of infrastructure concepts and its cloud implementations. We work mainly with Ruby, Python and Javascript on the backend, and on the frontend we do native apps (Kotlin/Swift) as well as hybrid (React Native) and webapps (ReactJS mostly).

And the soft skills:

  • Communication, communication, communication: you’re a collaborative teammate, and for you a good team is a team that’s always on the same page.
  • Very strong English skills, both verbal and written.
  • Agile methodologies experience is a must for working with us. While we’re not religious about it, we do expect you to share the iterative mindset, which is the core of our process.

The application process is pretty straightforward, just apply with just your CV and you’ll be hearing back from us within 24 hours. If you are not sure whether you’re a good fit for this position, or have anything you’d like to run by us before applying, just drop us a line 😁