⚠️ Relocation to Canada (Regina, SK) ⚠️

Are you ready to elevate your career and your life in Canada? We're seeking a dedicated Elevator Mechanic Helper to join our team in Regina, Saskatchewan. This is more than just a job; it's an opportunity to start a new chapter in a welcoming and vibrant Canadian city. In addition to gaining valuable work experience, you'll enjoy the benefits of living in Regina, known for its high quality of life, affordable housing, and diverse cultural scene. Make your move to Canada a smooth and fulfilling journey by becoming part of our growing community.

Job Duties

• Move tools, equipment, and other materials

• Perform miscellaneous laboring activities to help tradespersons, apprentices, and other workers as directed

• Assist in Reading and interpreting blueprints.

• Help with Test operation of newly installed equipment.

• Help with disassembling defective units and repairing or replacing suspect parts.

• Help with Adjusting valves, ratchets, seals, brake linings, and other components.

• Help with Carrying out preventative maintenance programs to ensure public safety.

• Help with troubleshooting electrical or mechanical system failures.

• Help with Maintaining log books that detail all repairs and checks performed.

      Job Requirements

      • Safety and security.
      • Safety clearance.
      • Criminal record checks in the country of origin.
      • Criminal record check in Canada Drug and alcohol testing for site access for various customers.
      • Driver's validity license check.
      • Physically demanding.
      • Handling heavy loads.
      • Standing for extended periods.
      • Bending, crouching, kneeling.
      • Overtime may be required.
      • Own elevator hand tools.
      • PPE: Internal metatarsal steel-toed safety boots.
      • Accurately log digitally and in writing.
      • Organized team player.
      • Participate in company meetings and the company culture. T
      • The ideal candidate for this Elevator Mechanic Helper position should have 1-2 years of experience in mechanic/electrical roles, including familiarity with various elevator types such as dumbwaiters, electronic devices, hydraulic elevators, solid-state devices, and traction elevators, including disability elevators.
      • Proficiency in English is required for effective communication in this role.
      • We value candidates who are safety-conscious, physically capable of handling heavy loads, and comfortable with tasks that involve standing for extended periods, bending, crouching, and kneeling.
      • Being a reliable team player, having a valid driver's license, and the ability to maintain accurate records are key attributes we're looking for.

      Join us in Regina, Saskatchewan, and be part of our vibrant Canadian community.

          Job Type: Full Time

          Wage: $26.00/hour

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