Our client is looking for a Jr+/SSr UX/UI Designer to join their team. We're looking for a person who is passionate about what they do, with a positive attitude towards continuous learning and adaptability to new challenges.

Technical requirements:

  • At least 2 years of experience.
  • Understanding of digital products and their design process.
  • Experience using Figma to design prototypes, as well as Figjam for diagrams.
  • Strong communication skills and able to speak and write English fluently.

Soft skills requirements:

  • Should be able to communicate clearly to explain an idea to the team or to present to project stakeholders.
  • We want someone that’s constantly looking to improve their skills and learn new things.
  • Being able to identify tasks as part of the process in the software development cycle is important to fit well with the team.


  • Background in Graphic Design.
  • Having a portfolio with projects where they can show their ability to solve problems, come up with new ideas for features as well as the graphic quality of their work.
  • Experience with developing HTML/CSS layouts. We’re not looking necessarily for someone to build layouts, but understanding of how developers build components is useful knowledge in a development team.
  • At least a brief leadership experience is a plus, but not a requirement.

The idea is to work on some IT Crowd projects, with the Head of Design.

The first project where the candidate may be occupied is an app very similar to Waze, but instead of being for routes for land vehicles, it is for boats on the water. It allows ships to find their way from point A to point B. It also has some social networking components, allows users to map some interesting areas, leave notes of where the coast guard is doing checks, etc.

Candidates with experience in factory or product companies are both equally fine. If they have in both scenarios it's better.

English here is very important, more than a Jr or a Developer. The team is looking for someone who can be alone with a client to do discovery.


  • HR Interview.
  • Interview with the Head of Engineering.
  • Technical challenge.
  • Interview with Head of Engineering + COO.