⚠️ Only available to applicants residing European Union ⚠️

We are looking for a Senior DevSecOps for an important client. It's essential to have experience in FinTech Enterprise products in the US and EU markets.

Geographic region
-> European Union
Minimum years of experience?
-> 7-8 years
Skills or technologies required for the position?
-> Docker, Kubernetes, SonarQube, Nexus IQ, AquaSec, Azure DevOps, and Terraform (or similar).

The client is a growing IT company with a flat organizational structure and a democratic management approach based on mutual trust and maturity. We are people and results-oriented. We avoid bureaucracy, spread the power of optimism, and leave a positive footprint in the IT world :)
We focus on FinTech Enterprise products in the US and EU markets. Our portfolio has numerous large projects including, but not limited to, cloud platforms, API management systems, platforms for trade automation, etc.

This project team is responsible for developing the Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) platform. DBaaS aims to bring cloud-like features to database management, supports different database systems such as Oracle, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL Server (potentially even non-relational), and tries to hide terminology differences from users.

This platform:
- creates a value-added database offering based on the private and public cloud
- provides secure and compliant database systems
- supports rapid provisioning, automated lifecycle, managed operations, and flexible scalability
- Abstracts vendor complexity and facilitates access for internal users.
- offers different types of SLAs for corresponding needs
- moves from a pay-per-plan to a pay-per-use cost model.

Senior DevSecOps -
a person who is ready for a challenge and has the experience, maturity, and passion to succeed. You will support the DevSecOps transformation team and associated platforms WoW-Measure and WoW-Improve. These platforms support product teams in building and continuously improving their DevSecOps capabilities and practices. WoW-Improve initiative enables teams to assess their DevSecOps maturity level based on the 4 pillars and 8 capabilities defined by Microsoft. The self-assessment is based on a deep dive questionnaire of 80+ questions. The teams can capture their current status and get recommendations on improving to reach the next level on each question. They can re-evaluate their maturity, check their progress so far, and get new suggestions on improving from where they stand. WoW-Measure initiative aims to build a dashboard that enables individual teams to baseline and measure their DevSecOps performance ("you can't improve, what you can't measure"). It is important to stress that this is not a dashboard for senior management but for teams to be used for continuous improvement and as a communication mechanism.

You will collaborate closely with a team of highly professional Software Engineers, Product Owners, and business users responsible for the platforms mentioned above. You will gain overall knowledge of the platforms mentioned above, communicate with platform users, help them address their questions and concerns, gather feedback, document it, identify areas for improvement, and present it in a structured way to the engineering team. This role will help to deal with the increasing number of inquiries in the DevSecOps environment of a big enterprise (Fortune 500). In this role, you will get full support from the management team and work closely with the client's engineering team.

This remote role is based on a B2B contract with our American company. We work 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday, with no overtime. Working hours are flexible (but not free): from 8 am - 10 am until 5 pm - 7 pm CET accordingly.