The client:
We are proven executives with extensive experience in Business & IT. We developed and managed leading public and private companies in the Digital Transformation segment in America and Europe. We helped to transform the leading brands we love.

We are looking for JavaScript Developers with Service Now experience. We have the great challenge of building work cells in South America, which can be the support of large American multinationals.

Service Now Developer

As a type of software developer, ServiceNow developers will benefit from the following technical skills:

· Ability to program in JavaScript

· Knowledge of markup languages like HTML and XML

· Familiarity with stylesheet languages like CSS

· Web development tools and techniques like .NET and AJAX, and C#

· Cloud computing expertise

Technical knowledge is one of many requirements for this career path. Non-technical skills for an aspiring ServiceNow developer to learn include:

· Problem-solving

· Project management

· Collaboration

· Communication


· Formulating and implementing quality assurance (QA) methods. A ServiceNow developer may need to plan and execute unit, integration, regression, and user acceptance testing (UAT).

· Identifying system inefficiencies. ServiceNow developers must be able to analyze, troubleshoot, resolve, and report issues.

· Setting IT practice standards. A ServiceNow developer is responsible for determining IT best practices and improving existing methods.

· Designing and developing configurations. ServiceNow is a customizable, integrative platform. Developers ensure the functionality of these features.

Contractor's mode in USD


15 vacation days
Paid holidays
Additional bonus in December of 50% of the monthly salary.