We are looking for a software engineer to join our client engineering team in their vision to build a more intelligent venture capital fund. This role will expose you to the inner workings of venture capital. You will play a key role in using software to augment and accelerate the capabilities of the team, helping us more effectively activate our network, deliver value to their portfolio, and make better data-driven decisions.

Working within their small team, your contributions will have an outsized impact for the investment team and the firm’s broader operations.. You will receive exposure to all aspects of software engineering, from design to development to security considerations to deployment. They work with a lot of data, so a lot of their software tooling and processes involve a dose of data sourcing and manipulation.

They are flexible with regards to the location from which you may want to work, granted you are digitally available for most of the US Pacific working hours.

Over time, you will become a well-rounded software engineer with knowledge of the innermost workings of a Venture Capital fund, and play a key role in the company’s growth by deploying software in pursuit of building a more intelligent venture capital firm.

Core responsibilities include:
Work with Head of Engineering on all aspects of software design and development
Writing and maintaining code for their internal dashboard
Writing and maintaining code for their software automation and data pipelines
Helping design, build, and test new software systems


Fluent in the programming languages Python and Javascript
Has experience developing software on both the front-end and back-end, having a good grasp of HTML, CSS, JS and knowledge of a web framework
Knowledge of relational databases and operating systems
Ability to learn new software and technologies quickly
Interest in venture capital, startups, and technology
Plus: experience working with ReactJS and the Golang programming language
Plus: experience or interest in working with unique sets of data