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We’re a UX centric software development agency renowned for building mobile apps in Xamarin. We do all types of software development, and we do them well, but at our heart we’re great mobile developers. Most importantly, we like to think that we’re super easy to work with, both interpersonally and professionally. We work very hard to build meaningful relationships by leaning on the maxim of the golden rule.

We solve our client’s business problems with human-centered design at the forefront of every solution. We execute solutions by delivering high quality research, design and development with a proven process that includes two incredibly important steps. We will insist (it’s for your benefit) that we employ UX throughout the project. We will employ discovery and define sessions that eliminate a ton of downstream waste through the initial creation of a clear and concise design and development path. Most often, this process will tell us that we need to search for custom solutions that fit you. We like to say that we contemplate rather than blindly replicate. Judiciously planning a project on the front-end will make a better product and prevent untold post-deployment expenses.

About the role:

Company has an opportunity for a backend developer. This position will work remotely. Company is a software development company based in NW Arkansas, building highly customized, “hand-crafted technology” for a broad diversity of clients. Our founders have executive corporate experience yet maintain the practical sensibilities of startup entrepreneurs. We start projects correctly (UX) to avoid unnecessary downstream costs and adjustments and follow a proven process of 5 Ds – discovery, define, design, development and deployment.

Where do you fit in? You’ll be helping solve business problems by developing custom software as part of a true, collaborative team. We currently have a very interesting assignment to create a new technology that requires a developer who has full-stack chops and some specific experiences. This project will have a dedicated team of Devs, UX, PM and QA. AI/ML is a key component of the new tech.


  • Develop software using multiple technologies
  • Work with clients through the full SDLC
  • Work closely with internal QA
  • Participate in standups and other sessions
  • Receive business training to help with continuing education
  • Be a part of a team that is developing cutting-edge technology. And, have a little fun while doing it.

What they’re looking for:

- 5+ Years of experience working with .NET.

- 3+ Years of experience working with SQL.

- 3+ Years of experience working with AWS.

- 1+ Years of experience in ASP.NET.

- Advanced English level.

Nice to have:

React, VueJS, Typescript, Angular, Firebase, Stripe, Google Maps, SendGrid, Twillio, AWS SES, AWS PinPoint, MSSQL, MySQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, Cosmos, Blazor, AWS Lambdas, Azure Functions.

Time Zone: CST / EST

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