The tech stack
Inspired by the Lean Startup, our v1 tech stack was designed to test key hypotheses and iterate quickly. (And before that, our first paying clients ran on an even scrappier no-code MVP!) Since then, we’ve been building out a v2 technical foundation that can mature with our team:

v1: This was built on Cloudflare’s developer platform (JS on Cloudflare Workers), Twilio’s programmable video platform, n8n’s automation platform, and Auth0’s identity platform.
v2: This is a pure Typescript application with React on the frontend and Express.js for REST APIs, interfacing with PostgreSQL via Prisma. Containers and databases run on AWS. Third-party integrations like Auth0 and Twilio Video remain. The new development environment is a breeze to spin up with Github Codespaces.
It’s worth noting that we don’t build everything from scratch. We’ve shared some open-source modifications to Excalidraw allowing us to fully self-host a multiplayer/collaborative version of this excellent whiteboard/canvas application.

Who we’re looking for

Your experience:

You have 5+ years of full-time professional experience building full-stack product software.
You have extensive experience with industry-standard tools and frameworks.
You have experience with full-stack web app deployment, release, and operations.
(Nice-to-have / bonus) You have prior experience working with an early-stage startup.
(Nice-to-have / bonus) You have prior experience in edtech, research, or product R&D.

Your mindset:

Ownership: You are self-directed, thrive in ambiguous situations, and have a strong bias for action.
Collaborative: You proactively seek feedback at every stage, and are eager to incorporate new ideas or business needs throughout the development process.
Growth: You care about professional development in all areas, and are excited by the idea that the company’s directions and your responsibilities will continuously evolve.

Your location:

You live and work somewhere in Americas/American time zones (UTC -7 to UTC -3.)
You have authorization to work in the country in which you intend to live.


Salary is competitive, commensurate with experience. As a distributed organization, we do factor regional cost-of-living into compensation. The overall range for this role is USD $100k - USD $190k.
Equity is meaningful. As an early employee, we want you to benefit when we succeed.

Other benefits include:

Health insurance. The specifics vary by country, but we aim to provide coverage or a reimbursement for coverage for all team members.
WFH home-office stipend. Expense up to USD $750 per calendar year to enhance work-from-home experience/productivity. (e.g. external monitor, keyboard, mouse, headset, stand-up desk, solo access to co-working space, etc.)
Quarterly company off-sites. While not a benefit, per se, our regularly-scheduled off-sites (on-sites?) do feel like one. Every few months, our entire team congregates for 3 consecutive days of working together in person. The location varies but the value has been consistent: enhancing trust and empathy, and diving into deeper reflection and planning as a team.

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